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Just another frustrated writer that is trying to get his shit together. I'm going back to school in September for Journalism. whoohoo! I'm 29 years old and i've finally decided to do something with my life. Someone should give me a prize...or a shotgun blast to the face.
Mon Feb 11

Fuck you, Chris Brown.


Fuck you, Chris Brown.

Thu May 7

Party rant

Of all the things this country needs, I think it’s time a new political party steps up in America. I identify myself as a liberal and i tend to disagree with nearly everything that conservative pundits and columnists talk about. That doesn’t mean i change the channel or go to another website when i read/hear something that i disagree with. Indeed, i actively search out differing opinions because i want to know what the other side thinks. One of the things that i hate most is when an elected official or political pundit and their ideas are rejected out of hand, simply because they wear the colors of the other team. American politics are so polarized these days that it makes me sick. I suppose that some of it has to do with the rise of twenty-four hour news coverage; they have to fill those long hours with some sort of content anyway. Disagreement I can handle, debate is good because it allows us to put different ideas on the table. I just can’t stand the name-calling on both sides. Republicans are not Fascists, Democrats are not Communists. Just because you disagree with another person’s point of view is no reason to demonize them. Both sides do it, no one is innocent.
Maybe it has always been like this, but it seems to me that it has gotten worse in the past 8-10 years. The only solution that i can think of (since neither side is interested in conceding that the other side has any good ideas) is that a new, major party needs to step up and gain national exposure. The Libertarians, the Greens, Constitutional party, a reborn Whig, whatever, It needs to happen and soon.

Mon Apr 27

New Album

I’m currently listening to London-based band Golden Slivers’ new album free online.I’m definetly a “try before you buy” music fan and it’s great to discover new music legally online. These guys are different, it’s hard to describe their sound.
I’m digging them, this is their first album and there doesn’t seem to be a bad track on it(although the first track comes close). The best one so far is track 6 “Shakes”
Strong, clear vocals, hypnotic keyboards and solid drumming makes this album a winner. these guys should do well in America. It seems to me that the keys are the driving force in this band, which is evident in the catchy hooks that makes this band a delight to listen to.
But, don’t take my word for it, here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself.


Thu Apr 23

Remind me to buy the album

Watching/listening to the new video for “heaven is gone”, a track off the new album by Seventh Void. Seventh Void is a new band by Type O Negative Members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly. I was interested in checking this band out (being a huge type o fan) and if this song is any indication, this album will not disappoint. The album is out now, and i’m going to make it a point to check it out. The band has a strong, hard rock kind of sound, with a pinch of grunge thrown into the mix. I always felt that Kenny had an interesting sounding voice, and it’s good to see him fronting the band. Kelly, as always provides a strong backbone to the band. It almost reminds me of some old school soundgarden or maybe Chris Cornell’s solo stuff if it had some balls. I am an official Seventh Void fan and i can’t wait to hear more.

Sat Apr 11


Keep forgetting that i have this damn thing. Just as well since i have nothing of interest to write about anymore. Taking some classes this summer, so no fun there. I should be writing a research paper for English Comp, but i just don’t feel like it. I have all day Monday to do it anyway.
Not sure why, but i just feel so apathetic lately. Tons of ideas, and yet no desire to develop any comics scripts or stories or anything. I think i need some writer friends to bounce ideas off of and to inspire me to work harder. Starting a writing group may be in order.

Gonna go watch Iron Chef America and get something to eat.

Mon Dec 1

It’s over, and i survived til the end

NanoWriMo is over for another year. I came up short by slightly more than six thousand words. Not bad for a first timer. I have the start of a first draft of a novel and i plan on finishing it this month. Much as i’d like to take a match to the whole mess. i think that there is a novel in there worth saving. i just have to finish the story and polish it up. I’m going to give myself two more months of working on it,. then depending on where i am with it, i will put it away and let it simmer for a bit as i move on to other projects. i have to finish two more issues of the comic book and i have ideas for another novel that i want to start outlining. then there’s always that pesky school work that always gets in the way. *sigh* no rest for the wicked i guess.

Fri Nov 28

I just remembered that i had a blog

i need to write in this thing more often. Even if nobody reads it, it’s good practice in doing some writing every day. That’s especally good since i want to be a writer.
I’ve got about 13,000 words left to write for me NanoWriMo novel this year. 13k by Sunday at 11:59 p,m. i can do it but i have to stop wasting time

i need a red bull and i want chinese food. right now.

Wed Sep 17

Thoughts and ideas running around in my brain. Must break their legs so they don’t escape

Tue Sep 16

Tired, oh so tired.

Just finished my first paper for English class. It’s a good paper. Hope for a good grade, but honestly, i kinda don’t care at this point. My brain is like mush. No days off this week. Kind of a good thing. Working alot, more money to pay for school. These days of waking up at 5 am are starting to take their toll. I should stay up for another half hour to do some math work. Need red bull…and a big stick to smack myself with.

Wed Sep 10
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. Oscar Wilde